Test Pack Please Ignore

Minecraft Modpack

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What the heck is this?

Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI), and subsequently TPPI2, are Modpacks for Minecraft.

They features a vast amount of mods, while still maintaining a balanced, stable feel.

We pride ourselves on making sure our packs feel like everything works together. Less time fighting over making mods work together means more time playing and enjoying the game. We have gone to great lengths to improve stability and coherence, which is needed with so many mods in the pack.

Well, how can I start?

TPPI (Minecraft 1.6.4) is currently available on two modpack platforms: Feed The Beast and Technic

TPPI2 (Minecraft 1.7.10) is currently available on Feed The Beast only, as a beta version.


You can find TPPI under the 3rd Party Packs tab in the FTB Launcher. Simply hit launch and you are ready to go!

To try out the TPPI2 beta version, use the pack code "SuperWhaleKick" (no quotes) to add the pack to your launcher, then it can be launched in the same way.


TPPI is the latest main modpack for the Technic platform. This means that it is available on the Technic Launcher without any special URLs or codes needed! Simply download the Technic Launcher and TPPI will be in the list of modpacks on the left. Note: You will likely need to increase the memory allocation to ATLEAST 2.5GB if using the Technic Launcher.

TPPI2 is not yet available on the Technic launcher, but that will change soon™!

Do note that the pack currently needs java 7 or 8 to run at all. Please make sure you have the proper version installed.